Let's create a place you can live
in for a lifetime.



Margin & Associates is a full service architectural design, interior design, and construction firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We focus on creating unique emotional experiences in the residential and commercial industries that range from one of a kind vacation homes, unique primary residences, challenging renovations, to boutique restaurants and retail shops. With a refined approach to classical vernaculars, our Team focuses on creating beautiful luxury homes and customer experiences nationwide. 

Our talented team of architects, designers, engineers, and craftsman are passionate and take pride in each creative design solution we deliver. Margin can manage design through construction and can coordinate each aspect of a project right down to the finest detail. Our work includes complete large-scale renovations, architectural and interior design, additions, kitchen remodels, and bathrooms refreshes.

Whether designing in Florida, Ohio, Maine, or California, each of Margin's projects will start and end with people we are fortunate enough to work with. In all of our creative adventures, we want to
build wonderful relationships that last well beyond any finished project. And we thrive on tailoring our process to meet our clients needs and vision – in order to bring their dream to life.



Margin was founded in 2012 by Jeramie S. Selders. His love for design and creating finds its origin in the picturesque landscapes of his family's farm in rural Eastern Ohio. Growing up amidst the beauty of nature, he discovered his affinity for the art of construction and the beauty of design. His early years surrounded by the powerful countryside, with its rolling hills and rustic charm, became the wellspring of his inspiration for a lifelong journey dedicated to crafting exceptional architecture and awe-inspiring interiors.

Since our beginning, Margin has placed a high emphasis on developing unique projects with our clients and collaborators. It is fitting that our Team of craftsman, designers, and artisans, met through their love of designing and building – and their spirit of exploration, innovation, and teamwork continues to shape Margin's projects and culture. Our Team has a deep love for the natural environment and that has become the sole inspiration for Margin in designing thoughtful experiences. And our clean and modern spin on traditional vernaculars and classical architecture is setting a new standard.

Today, Margin is defining the future of the industry by bringing the most talented professionals together to create better living through thoughtful design.

What we do

We define possibilities through architectural design, interior design, and site construction. We customize every service to your lifestyle and project needs — from developing master plan concepts to procuring furniture for the finishing touches. We see the design and build process as an exploratory experience between our team and you. The results are always highly creative, thoughtfully crafted, and intentionally connected to your family.

Architectural Design

We offer custom architectural consulting services. Our design process always begins with conversations, in order to learn about you and your project. We start exploring through conceptual drawings which lead to loose drafting, and eventially full permit ready construction drawings.


Interior Design

With custom interior design consulting services, your new project will be curated for your lifestyle. Our interior consulting folds into our design process methodically to allow for seamless integration. We offer full interior services from, selecting fixtures, sourcing finishes, to staging your new project.



It is rare for architectural firms to integrate construction into the design process. We believe this is an advantage and necessary to ensure that budgets are met and timelines are not delayed. With custom general contracting and construction management services embedded into each step of the design process, we guarantee more methodical client experience.

In addition, our construction consulting team offers two-step estimating, project planning, and project management from the very beginning.


Our Clients

We work with residential and boutique commercial clients across the United States, and beyond. We work closely and personally with each of our clients while always striving to understand their needs and lifestyles – in order to craft thoughtful experiences of lasting beauty.

Our Team

We’re a team of architects, designers, thinkers, and craftsman. What unites us is a love of design, building relationships, constant improvement, and meaningful work. Our Teams thrive on working together with great clients, talented artisans and designers, while always having fun on the journey.